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Wire Ropes Isolators


Wire Ropes Isolators

Noise reduction and vibration insolation are becoming increasingly important for various

applications and industries.

Wire rope isolators are ideal for shock and vibration-proof bearings. They also meet the requirements of military standards and MIL specifications.

Due to the great variety in the possible design of wire rope isolators, they

can isolate a wide range of different loads from vibration.

The WR, WRS and CR families are suitable for masses from a few grams up to several tons and are absolutely maintenance-free.

Wire rope isolators can be used particularly well in areas where other vibration isolators cannot be used due to extreme conditions such as heat or cold, acids, seawater, UV, etc.

Wire rope isolators offer a particularly large usable spring travel, low natural frequencies, low resonance transmission and rapid decay of the amplitude in the event of shocks.

Furthermore, there are no signs of fatigue after dynamic overload.

Wire Ropes Isolators - PDF Catalog

Fabreeka - Square Mount Isolator SM5 - Catalog.pdf

Fabreeka - Square Mount Isolator SM6 - Catalog.pdf

Fabreeka - Square Mount Isolator SM8 - Catalog.pdf

F-E-56-1A - Fabreeka Steel Spring.pdf

F-E2-40-XX-NPS stiffness - Fabreeka Spring Isolator.pdf

FAB34 Exx - Fabreeka Spring-Damper-Element.pdf

VSRFR-E-46-2000-M - Fabreeka Spring Isolator Deutsch.pdf

Tech Products - Cable Mounts.pdf

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