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Safety Interlock Switches


Safety Interlock Switches

These safety switches are ideal for controlling gates, sliding doors and other guards which protect dangerous parts of machines without inertia. The stainless steel actuator is fastened to the moving part of the guard in such a way that it is separated from the switch each time the guard is opened. A special mechanism ensures that removing the actuator forces the positive opening of the electrical contacts. Easy to install, these switches can be used with all types of guards (with hinge as well as sliding and removable types). The possibility to actuate the switch only with a specific actuator guarantees that the machine can be restarted only after the guard has been closed.

Head with variable orientation: For all switches, the head can be adjusted in 90° steps after removing the two fastening screws. In this way it is pos- sible to actuate the switch from 5 different directions

Wide-ranging actuator travel: The actuation head of this switch fea- tures a wide range of travel. In this way the guard can oscillate  along the direction of insertion (4 mm) without causing unwanted machine shutdowns. This wide range of travel is available in all actuators in order to ensure maximum device reliability.

Versions with 30 N actuator extraction force: Versions with 30 N actuator holding force instead of the standard 10 N are available.


For more information: Pizzato - Safety switches with separate actuator


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