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Planetary Gearbox

Wittenstein Alpha

Planetary Gearbox

a Planetary Gearbox system consisting of one or more outer gears, or planet gears, revolving about a central, or sun gear. Typically, the planet gears are mounted on a movable arm or carrier which itself may rotate relative to the sun gear Planetary gears are typically classified as simple and compound planetary gears. Simple planetary gears have one sun, one ring, one carrier, and one planet set. Compound planetary gears involve one or more of the following three types of structures: meshed-planet (there are at least two more planets in mesh with each other in each planet train), stepped-planet (there exists a shaft connection between two planets in each planet train), multi-stage structures (the system contains two or more planet sets). Compared to simple planetary gears, compound planetary gears have the advantages of larger reduction ratio, higher torque-to-weight ratio, and more ?exible con?gurations. WITTENSTEIN ALPHA low backlash planetary gearbox have flexible and variable solution made up of a series of innovative elements – modern servo motor and transmission technology, a rack and pinion offering unprecedented precision and a linear system. WITTENSTEIN alpha drive systems deliver multiple benefits by combining several innovations based on a modular design principle.

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