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LVT- Linear Velocity Transducers


LVT- Linear Velocity Transducers

Trans-Tek manufactures and designs Linear Velocity Transducers using inductive technology. Moving a magnet through a coil of wire will induce a voltage in the coil according to Faraday’s and Lenz’ Laws. This voltage is proportional to the magnet’s velocity and field strength. TRANS-TEK LVTs use this principle of magnetic induction, with a permanent magnet and a fixed geometry coil, so the output voltage of the coil is directly proportional to the magnet’s relative velocity over its working range.

During operation in the working range of the transducer, both ends of the magnet are inside the coil. With a single coil this would give zero output because the voltage generated by one pole of the magnet would cancel the voltage generated by the other pole. To avoid this, the coil is divided into two sections, so the N (North) pole of the magnet will induce a voltage in one coil and the S (South) pole will induce a voltage in the other coil. These two coils are then connected in series-aiding, to obtain a DC voltage output proportional to the magnet’s velocity.

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