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360° Optics

Opto Engineering

360° Optics

Opto Engineering designed these incredible optical solutions: just one camera shot is enough to capture the top and side views of an object or the bottom and inside views of ah holed object.

Most of these special optics are unique and patented by Opto Engineering: their names are registered trademarks and you will not find similar products on the market featuring the same build quality and the same optical performances.


PC series

PC pericentric lenses are unique optical systems designed to perform a complete inspection of an object up to 60 mm diameter quickly and reliably: just one camera acquisition is enough to capture the top and lateral faces of an object.

Thanks to this innovative design there is no need to over-complicate the inspection setup with the use of additional mirrors, while delivering the magnification and field depth required to acquire the entire object volume.



PCCD series

PCCD series are catadioptric lenses exclusively developed and produced by Opto Engineering to enable the 360° side view imaging of small objects.

Their innovative optical design, based on a catadioptric system, makes it possible to image small objects, with diameters as small as 7 mm.

The sides of the object are imaged through the catadioptric system, while the top surface is directly imaged onto the center of the detector.

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