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Static Eliminators / Ionizers


Static Eliminators / Ionizers

Reduce electrostatic problems by eliminating static electricity in the entire environment including manufactured goods, the human body and surrounding components. Keyence static eliminators have the highest static elimination capacity, due to special ICC function that controls the ions polarity according to the target’s electrostatic charge.  Product range offers bar ionizers, spot and fan type ionizers.


Spot Type

Target static elimination area (guideline): up to 200 mm. Spot-type static eliminators are suitable for localized static
elimination and high-pressure air purging (dust removal).


Bar Type

Target static elimination area (guideline): 300 mm 11.81" and greater. Bar-type static eliminators are suitable for use on wide workpieces such as films and sheets and in wide work areas.

Electrostatic charge is detected: "Visualizing" the charge status and the ion

The charge status and the ion amount are sensed automatically and displayed. This makes the static elimination status obvious at a glance.


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